3 Pairs Compression Socks Men Women Athletic Socks for Run, Basketball, Soccer, Travel, Flight, Nursing, 20-30 mmHg


3 Pairs Compression Socks Men Women Athletic Socks for Run, Basketball, Soccer, Travel, Flight, Nursing, 20-30 mmHg


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3 Pairs pro compression socks for athletic sports, high performance when you do sport, flight or travel! Protect your feet, ankles and legs in best conditions!

Features: Breathable & Soft & Cool Dry & Stretchy & Moisture- wicking


- Firm compression to protect your feet your legs from swelling.
- Moisture control fibers keep your feet and legs dry, odor free and good for your skin.
- Reduce the discomfort created by constant force and pressure on the lower legs.

How to put on compression stockings

- Put hand into the stocking until grasp the toe of it.
- Hold onto the toe, pull it inside out, while continuing to hold onto the toe.
- Insert your toes into the foot part of the stocking.
- Gently roll the stocking over your foot, heel and up your leg.
- Continue to roll, pull and smooth the garment up your calf, knee.


- Never roll or fold down them.
- Make sure sit comfortably before wearing.
- Wear them in the morning, when legs are the least swollen.
- Tug the stocking from the foot, heel and upward, never from the top.
- Hand wash the new before wearing, in cool water with mild laundry detergent.
- Replace them every 3-6 months to maintained proper elasticity.


  • Athletic & Sports & Flight: Offer proper support for your foot arch, ankle, shin and calf. Help improve blood circulation while performing any indoor & outdoor sport activities. Energize body and provide speedy recovery!
  • Firm Compression Socks: 20-30 mmHg provide a firm support, thus helping to reduce swelling, cramping or muscle fatigue, quick recovery from indoor & outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, biking, cycling, jogging, gym fitness, exercise, marathon, travel, basketball/ football/ baseball/ golf/ tennis...various sport activities. (3 Pairs in one Pack)
  • Scientific & Unique Design: Cushioned design on sole, ankle, and calf area to avoid sliding, slipping or blistering, added pressure on arch & shin parts to stimulate blood circulation, energize the feet and legs to recover quickly when you do intense sporting activities.
  • Breathable & Odor Free: Being made from good nylon and spandex, thin grid knitting on feet and legs part for air flow, wicking moisture away to keep feet and legs dry when you do fitness, gym, exercise, run or other activities.
  • Ideal Gifts & Money Guaranteed: Ideal gifts for father, mother, college, co-workers, runners, joggers, athletes, travelers, basketball/ soccer/ baseball/ golf players... any male female who likes sports! Definitely good compression socks for any sports activities, add to cart and enjoy the purchase! If you have any questions about the compressions socks, please feel free to contact us.

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