FITLY Minimalist Running Pack

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FITLY is a minimalist Running Pack like no other. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, FITLY is small enough to barely feel it and large enough to fit everything you need for your run.

FITLY is specifically designed to:

  • Keep any items from bouncing
  • Protect your phone from the rain
  • Gently fit your body in motion
  • Be completely noise-free
  • Distribute weight symmetrically
  • Never affect your running form.

    FITLY has a totally unique approach, focused on perfectly stowing just what's needed so you can run more comfortably.

    WORLD PREMIERE: the Thoracic Belt System. Two body fitting front pockets that gently stretches to keep all items from ever moving. Your hands naturally swing by your thorax when you run. With FITLY, storing and retrieving a key, a gel, ID, money, etc. while on the run is easy and natural.

    SHAPED TO FEEL FREE. FITLY is the result of decades of endurance training and extended research in Biomechanics. Made by runners for runners of all level, FITLY is focused on providing the best sensation during vigorous activities. You forget it seconds after you start running.

    WEATHER AND TIME PROOF: 90% run with a cell phone for orientation, music, running apps, security and communication. FITLY has a clever water-resistant phone slot preventing it from ever moving. The fabric is also tear proof and abrasion resistant (military-grade).

    UTILITY PATENT PENDING: FITLY uses the most cutting-edge components available today: FIDLOCK is both a mechanical and magnetic locking mechanism, S.Café is an award-winning odor resistant fabric and, the noise-free zipper tabs keep everything quiet while you run!

    IF YOU CAN DO MORE... FITLY is also used in many other vigorous activities as well as travelling. An ideal way to conceal important documents, money, tickets, under your jacket for total security.

    If you run, you'll LOVE FITLY!


    • Ideal for people looking for a a light and minimalist running accessory.
    • Carries your phone, keys, cards, and much more without any movement or friction. An absolute comfort guaranteed.
    • Water resistant and anti-sway phone pocket. Silent zippers.
    • Award winning components: the amazing Fidlock magnetic closure. S.Café, an eco-friendly odor-resistant fabric. Cordura fabric, lightweight, durable and extremely tear and abrasion resistant.
    • The thoracic belt, a World Premiere, keeps items from moving and easily accessed when running. Placed below your sub pectoral region for maximum comfort. Chest circumference less than 31 in (78 cm) = size XS / S. Greater than 31in (78cm): size M / L / XL.

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Classy Black, Emerald Blue, Mojito Green