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Geigerrig Tube


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You can sweat even when it's cold, and when you need to stay hydrated in colder climates, the Geigerrig Insulated Drink Tube is going to be an essential. Intended for use with Geigerrig hydration systems (sold separately), this neoprene-insulated tube is going to keep your valves from freezing, so you can always have access to water. It also features that same plug-and-play design that makes all of the Geigerrig hydration systems so sought-after. This durable drink tube is ideal for extreme-temperature situations. If you've ever thought that a Geigerrig product looked like a combination of practical, rugged military style and the innovative appeal of modern outdoor equipment, then you're on the way to understanding the thinking behind the foundation of this industry-leading company. Co-founded by Bob and Curt Geiger, Geigerrig combines Bob's experience in the U.S. Marine Corps with Curt's 40+ years spent as an outdoor retailer. Using cutting-edge patents and old-fashioned problem-solving, Geigerrig alone has made more advancement to the hydration pack product category than the industry has seen since hydration packs first hit the market over 15 years ago. Expect to continue watching Geigerrig revolutionize hydration systems and personal water systems for any and all applications including military, recreational, industrial, and medical use. Low-profile tube with . Neoprene insulation. Coated with fuzed insulating TPU Foam. High-flow bite valve with bite valve cover. On-off switch. Plug-and-play design. Dimensions: 36L in..


  • Low-profile tube with
  • Neoprene insulation
  • Coated with fuzed insulating TPU Foam
  • High-flow bite valve with bite valve cover
  • On-off switch

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