High Visibility Reflective Vest – Safety Reflector Strips Bands – Reflective Running Gear for Men and Women for Night Running, Biking, Walking

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Reflective vest, reflector vest, reflecting vest, glow vest. Reflective safety vest with reflective suspenders and reflective belt to use as reflective running vest, reflective cycling vest, reflective motorcycling vest for running woman and running men, cycling woman and cycling man. Reflective gear vest to wear over running shirt, running clothes, running jacket, running jersey, cycling gear: cycling clothes, cycling shirt, cycling jacket, cycling vest, walking vest. Reflective harness to use on run, bike, bicycle, motorcycle. Best reflective safety bands for running safety, running men and running women. Perfect for reflective clothing: reflective running jacket, vest for walking, reflective walking gear, running tops. Comes with 4 reflective bands / reflective straps to use as reflective wrist bands, reflective ankle bands, reflective arm bands, reflective leg bands, reflective leg straps, reflective bands for legs, pant holder, pant clip, pant cuff. Reflective wrist band, reflective ankle band, reflective arm band, reflective leg band, reflective leg strap, reflective band for leg to be used as reflective running bands, reflective pop bands, reflective slap bands, reflective snap bands, reflective leg bands, reflective straps over cycling arm warmers, cycling leg warmers, cycling pants, safety reflective vest, reflective safety vest, reflective running jacket, reflective running vest, safety vest reflective, reflective running vest women, running reflective vest, reflectors for runners, running gear for women, reflective vest cycling, reflector vest, walking reflective gear, running reflective gear, reflective vests for running, runners reflective gear, womens reflective vest, reflective straps, running reflective, running reflectors, reflective vest running. Made from high reflective ribbon, reflective fabric, reflective material


  • BE SAFE AND VISIBLE: 360 high visibility reflective running gear from 800 feet on all weather: night, dark, rain, fog
  • SAFE OUTDOOR - Perfect reflective running vest, reflecting cycling vest, reflector walking gear
  • 4 REFLECTIVE BANDS Use as wristbands, armbands, ankle bands, leg straps, pant cuff, clip or holder
  • PERFECT FIT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Wear the reflective vest over any clothing: shirt, tops, jersey or jacket
  • MOST COMFORTABLE FEEL: Fully adjustable reflective belt and suspenders, lightweight, breathable and no batteries to worry

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2 x Green Vest, Green Vest, Green Vest + 4 Bands, Pink Vest, Pink Vest + 4 Bands