InnerFit Hydration Backpack & 2L Water Bladder, Durable Camel Backpack Hydration Pack-Running, Cycling, Biking, Skiing, Outdoor Activities – Versatile & Lightweight Hiking Backpack


InnerFit Hydration Backpack & 2L Water Bladder, Durable Camel Backpack Hydration Pack-Running, Cycling, Biking, Skiing, Outdoor Activities – Versatile & Lightweight Hiking Backpack

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The breathable and comfy mesh pad on the back alleviates any pressure on the back area and enhances your comfort to the fullest. InnerFit Hydration Pack comes with 1 adjustable chest strap and 2 adjustable shoulder straps so it can be customized to fit your own shape. It will fit chest sizes from youngsters to adults.

This tactical hydration bag has been customized to provide you with efficient access to everything you need during your efforts. The array of secured pockets placed on the sides and on the front lets you keep all your essentials within reach. Whether it's your cell phone, keys or tasty snacks, the pockets will suit your storage needs perfectly. A headphone output is provided for you to listen to your music while working out

The main compartment is covered with a water-resistant material which also provides long durability of your hydration pack. The optimized design allows the hydration pack to stay a lightweight companion to your outdoor activities

Includes a 2.0L replaceable bladder to conveniently carry fresh water with you. The wide screw cap is made for easy pouring of water (or ice cubes if necessary). The bladder is made with high-quality, BPA-free, flexible plastic. We added a mouth piece cap to keep the mouth piece clean from dirt when you place the backpack down.

InnerFit sets out to create and customize the most efficient fitness gear available. We spent hours to do market research collecting your feedbacks, created more than 14 prototypes over the past year and are excited to share this hydration pack. We strive to continuously improve our products so feel free to share your feedbacks with us


  • ✅ ADVANCED LEAK-PROOF DESIGN: while other backpacks come with an uncomfortable bladder that leaks after a few uses, the InnerFit water pack backpack contains a LEAK-PROOF, TASTE-FREE and BPA-FREE 2L hydration bladder of the HIGHEST QUALITY. Equipped with an ON-OFF valve, the high-flow soft mouthpiece allows you to EFFORTLESSLY STAY HYDRATED during runs or long hikes. No more hassle while cleaning your gear thanks to the EASY 1-CLICK CONNECTIONS on both ends of the insulated hose.
  • ✅ MADE WITH RIPSTOP MATERIAL WHICH is much more resistant to harsh conditions than common materials found in other hydration daypacks. Bring your lightweight hiking daypack in TOUGH ENVIRONMENTS without worrying about its integrity.
  • ✅ FEEL COMFORTABLE THANKS TO the breathable mesh pad provided on our running backpack. The unique design ALLEVIATES PRESSURE on your body and the 2 sets of SOLID ADJUSTABLE STRAPS ensure both a BOUNCE-FREE experience and a SNUG FIT FOR ALL BODY TYPES, which makes this the ideal camel pack water backpack for running. Get COMFY even during your most intense activities!
  • ✅ LIGHT AS A FEATHER AND PRACTICAL: the InnerFit water bag is very light and not bulky while still allowing you to save time and discomfort by organizing your items safely and efficiently in 4 different compartments.
  • ✅ INNERFIT PROMISE - 100% SATISFACTION: At InnerFit, your satisfaction is our priority so we make it our guarantee. If you have any concern about your order, contact us directly and we will come back to you with a solution that will satisfy you 100% of the time and in under 24 hours.

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