Withings Activité Sapphire | Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch – Swiss-Made

Withings Activité Sapphire | Activity and Sleep Tracking Watch – Swiss-Made


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Product Description

The Withings Activité Sapphire is a Swiss Made watch designed in France, that combines time and activity tracking. Activité automatically tracks your activity 24/7 whether you are walking, running, swimming, or sleeping. The watch also automatically syncs your data using Bluetooth, allowing you to visualize your trends and recieve real-time coaching on your iOS or Android device with the free Health Mate app. A truly unique and stylish tool to inspire and empower a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of steps you can try while setting up your Withings Activité: 1. Close the app and open it again 2. Make sure your Withings Activité is close enough to your iOS or Android device 3. Make sure your Withings Activité vibrates when you press the reset button with the tool provided with the watch. If it doesn't work, remove the case and try pressing the button again. If the watch vibrates, put the case back while making sure the button is aligned with the hole. If the watch still doesn't vibrate with the case off, try replacing the battery 4. If nothing else works, perform a factory reset of your Withings Activité by pressing the reset button five times. You need to let your Withings Activité vibrate each time you press the button. After pressing the button five times, your Withings Activité should vibrate twice. Make sure you "forget" your device in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone

  • Nokia Health is now Withings. Same products, same team, same commitment to your health. For more information, contact our support.

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